About us

Red - Research Engineering Design has been offering a broad array of services for the entire product development process since it was founded out of Fraunhofer TEG in 2007.

Our creativity and love of design are rounded out by our technical expertise and experience with hundreds of projects. That puts us in a position to tailor products in a wide array of fields to customers and markets. We design products that meet the needs and desires of our clients.


We are inspired by the market –
that is how we can develop a design that hits its target.

We are setting precise development and design goals.

Together with the client, we define precise development and design goals in advance. They are the starting and end points of any persuasive work. We cannot take our eyes off of your goals in any phase of the design process. That way we guarantee that the project will end successfully and produce results that match your objectives completely.

Our development plan and its milestones ensure continual oversight.

Every project is based on a goal-oriented development plan. Even for complicated projects, procedural steps and milestones that are defined for every phase of the project will give you an overview of each stage of development.

We will adapt our procedures to your project.

Using a modular construction system, we will individually establish the optimal steps for each client and the client's tailored project plan.

RED offers an optimal solution for every need.

Whether you are an international concern or a private inventor, RED Research Engineering Design will customize feasibility studies and CAD animations as well as models or prototypes. We will take care of everything else for you as well, including creating components or products. You tell us your goals and desires and we take care of everything. RED understands the market's needs and convert them into product designs for you. That way we ensure long-term success.

RED develops solutions today that the market needs tomorrow.